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The Ripmender is live!

The Ripmender - Julianne Alcott

And ready for downloading

Johannesburg, 6 May 2014 – A science fiction romance novel set in part in Durban and on an alien planet? Done. Wordsmack Publishers is excited to announce that The Ripmender by Julianne Alcott, has gone live today. The novel follows Cathy as she tries to navigate going from a friendless, isolated first-year to the best friend of the world’s biggest teen rock-sensation, Nathan Jake.

As the demand for ‘off-centre’ fiction takes off in South Africa, authors like Lauren Beukes, Charlie Human and Cat Hellisen are becoming known for meshing supernatural elements with local backdrops. Zombies in Cape Town and aliens in Durban – it’s the next wave of fiction in a country teeming with interesting and shocking stories.

The Ripmender is part of this trend as it brings science fiction and romance to teen and young adult readers. Teen readers especially will relate to the multicultural characters and the local language used in the book.

More about the book:

“In the real world, one’s idols end up going to rehab or jail, or marrying someone for three days. They don't end up being from another planet.”

Cathy Slater dreams of meeting the love of her life ... teen rock sensation, Nathan Jake. Of course, this is impossible – he is adored by millions, and she has trouble fitting into her own family. Even if he is a tutor at her university, she can’t compete with the packs of adoring fans constantly surrounding him.

But then her life changes forever when she stumbles onto Nathan Jake’s biggest secret. She wasn’t meant to see what he could do … what he was.

Becoming part of his secret means that Cathy is thrown head first into his world – the one in which Ripmenders keep unsuspecting worlds like ours safe from invasion. And then there are the jealous super-fans to deal with …

But can Nathan ever reciprocate Cathy’s feelings? As she discovers more about the Ripmenders and the shadowy organisation that runs them, the more she worries that his cold, calm demeanor will never give way to the loving man she always imagined him to be. Follow the couple from South Africa across the galaxy to fantastical planets through the rips of space.  View it here

About the author:
Julianne Alcott lives in Durban where she works as a librarian at a primary school library. She loves inventing strange plots that she then can research – she’s done it all – from rubbing stinging nettles on her skin to going to the mall with a borrowed wheelchair.  She loves hearing from readers, so send her a Tweet @JulianneAlcott or visit her blog at http://juliannealcott.wordpress.com. She’s also on Wattpad, and every so often publishes stories for free.

For more information on the book, the speculative fiction industry in South Africa or for an interview with Julianne, please don’t hesitate to connect with me at 0834614494.
Source: http://wordsmacked.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-ripmender-is-live.html