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Covers and how to appeal to all audiences

Covers differ from country to country. In printed books, the same book has many different covers all over the world. The different covers we see regularly is between US and UK covers. 
In South Africa we have traditionally mostly seen UK covers, but we are being exposed to US covers more an more because of ebooks and Amazon. In my course at Oxford Brookes we did a whole section on the difference between the two, but this is all changing now. How does a publisher appeal to both audiences now that we have ebooks?

So, which covers do you prefer? 
US vs UK
US vs UK

US vs UK
And would you ever go for a Japanese cover?
 Game of Thrones
Thanks Litreactor for this comic relief (especially the Twilight one). 


Source: http://wordsmacked.blogspot.com/2013/09/covers-and-how-to-appeal-to-all.html