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A blog for authors and readers by publishers. By Wordsmack - a South African speculative science fiction publisher. Wordsmack accepts short stories, novellas and novels on a year-long submissions basis.

New sci-fi horror short story series coming soon!

Get your comfy armchair and ereader ready, Wordsmack Publishers is publishing Mico Pisanti's The Folds, this week on Amazon. 
About the book:
After a devastating chemical war, the scarred survivors of Earth are subjects of global corporations that keep their beer spiked with Prozac and free speech a distant memory. At the most glamorous event of the post-war world, Miss Universe, celebrities and the beautiful strut around as if there is no secret resistance, no mysterious movement called The Folds, and most importantly, no horrific once-aborted army of children being created by the current powers-in-command. In the first book of the The Folds series, Mico Pisanti horrifies us with a future scarred by chemical warfare and too-powerful corporations.
When The Folds calls, will you answer?
About the author:
Mico Pisanti lives and works in Johannesburg and believes every word he writes. The inspiration behind The Folds is the everyday mundane juxtaposed with a vision of the future which isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem.
He is such a boring person, that the only way he gets excitement in his life is by imagining the things he writes about in his head
His previous work has been published in Something Wicked and The Bloody Parchment 
Be sure to buy The Folds on Amazon.

Thank you to Louisa Pieters of Fool Moon Design for the great cover design. 
Source: http://wordsmacked.blogspot.com/2013/10/new-sci-fi-horror-short-story-series.html