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A Study in Scarlet -  Arthur Conan Doyle I started reading the Sherlock homes books on my Kindle for iPad and iPhone while traveling and I have to admit that I could not stop. This first one isn't as great as the rest and there are quite a few discrepancies between the books, but I don't think that distracts from the fact that they are so much fun to read. They might generally all be quite similar, but they are like the best of The Mentalist, Lie to Me and CSI combined. There are so many stories in each book (save the first), that I can't choose a favourite or rate them separately. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a singularly brilliant author and people will try to copy him till the end of time. I just wish I had read printed, properly proofread copies of the books so that I didn't have to be distracted a clearly unproofread version of these classics.