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Fan fiction. Why?

When I was a kid, I read Narnia over and over and I played in that world and imagined myself as the fifth Pevensie kid... And this is true of a few other books too. So I understand  why you might write fan fiction - that you might want to immerse yourself into a world further. 
What is fan fiction? Briefly, it's writing a 'new' story within an already created world. 
But my question is, why would anyone read it? Why is it so big? As someone who just can't stay ahead with my reading list, who always has at least 10 'real' books lined up to read, I just don't get it. 
On one platform, Wattpad one story set in the Hunger Games world, Pregnant in the Hunger Games (yes, I kid you not), has been read 992 000 times!! Almost a million times! 
One of the biggest fan fiction worlds is Harry Potter. On Fanfiction.net  there are over 657 000 stories and on Harry Potter's Fanfiction site there are over 80 000 stories and this site gets over 30 million hits a month… The top read story has been read 1 585 108 times! This particular story is set in the next generation - i.e. the Potter and Weasly kids are the main characters. 
So, clearly this is something massive. My question though, is why? Will someone explain it to me please?  
But as always, if it gets people reading, what's wrong with that? 


Source: http://wordsmacked.blogspot.com/2013/09/fan-fiction-why.html