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A blog for authors and readers by publishers. By Wordsmack - a South African speculative science fiction publisher. Wordsmack accepts short stories, novellas and novels on a year-long submissions basis.

Not another blog?


You can't walk down the street in Cape Town without tripping over a writer's group. However, for the rest of us peasants who don't get to live in the artistic hub of Africa, it can be a bit trickier to find a group of people who can offer sage advice when it comes to our writing.

What about all those self-published authors who had their work edited by a 'friend' who also happened to be a highly successful publisher? Who has access to those people?
The answer is: you do, as of now.
Wordsmack Publishers have noticed that most of our writers are real, everyday people with jobs, kids and mortgages. Getting together in Montecasino to discuss how Frances's use of her cats as main characters in her novels is going, is just not appealing.
So we've started a blog - we'll discuss the process of being published, how you go about world-building, we'll organise events (not at Montecasino, promise) and create an online community of writers and editors that will rival anyone of those you can trip over, physically, in Cape Town.
Get ready for some good stuff!
Leani and Louise
Source: http://wordsmacked.blogspot.com/2013/08/not-another-blog.html